BrixiaOne helps companies build their own meaningful, collaborative and innovative data platform as they take steps toward an AI-powered future.



BrixiaOne’s cloud-native, PaaS-first approach is designed to take full advantage of the cloud service model by making extensive use of serverless and managed infrastructures, providing efficient and cutting-edge solutions without the cost, the complexity and the inflexibility of the IaaS and on-premises ones.


BrixiaOne favours an iterative, incremental, result-oriented and collaborative way of working where continuous feedback and improvement is the key that leds to transparency, flexibility, quality and outstanding outcomes within a short time.


BrixiaOne enables companies to manage large-scale data infrastructures that are reliable and adaptable, and to augument and expand their product and service offerings with AI capabilities, making them more efficient and appealing for the end-users.


 BrixiaOne provides services to a wide range of industries including:

Banking & Financial Services

Real Estate / PropTech

Logistics & Transportation




BrixiaOne is specialized in the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform and focuses on the Microsoft Azure Databricks, Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics™ and Microsoft Azure AI Services™ technologies.