Cloud Data Engineering

BrixiaOne helps organizations design, build, and maintain cloud-based data governance and processing systems, up-to-date with the most current and emerging features, technologies and best-practices offered by both the Microsoft Azure™ platform and the Open Source world. BrixiaOne also support their clients with migrating their on-premises and legacy data solutions to cloud-native ones.

BrixiaOne solutions leverage the Delta Lakehouse approach within the Microsoft Azure™ platform, which enables the processing of big data workloads for both structured and unstructured data at scale while also providing ACID reliability, performance, and governance features, plus fully-fledged compatibility with Apache Spark and several compute engines, languages and frameworks such as PySpark, Scala, Delta Lake, Databricks and SparkSQL.

Here are some of the advantages of the BrixiaOne solutions over the traditional ones:


Geospatial Intelligence & Analytics

We all live in time and space. But as time-related data are highly standardized, the spatial-related ones often pose a challenge for integration and interoperability, as distinct processes may use different formats, definitions, and classifications.

According to some estimates, up to 80% of data collected and stored by governments and businesses have a geographic component. This means that most of the data and business processes are always related to geography or location in some way.

BrixiaOne helps organizations manage, structure, process and consume geodata the right way, unlocking and harnessing the hidden potential of their systems, understanding their own customers better, optimizing their operations, reducing their risks, improving their decision-making thus gaining a significant competitive edge over the competition.

Some benefits of using location intelligence and geospatial analytics include:



BrixiaOne delivers innovative and tailored RegTech solutions for the banking and financial services industry to help its clients comply with complex regulatory requirements, reduce operational risks, and enhance customer trust.

BrixiaOne is specialized in the following regulatory reporting frameworks:

In addition, BrixiaOne supports their clients with interfacing their system to the Austrian common reporting platform AuRep.

BrixiaOne also offers comprehensive compliance services and consulting to help companies protect their own data and meet the requirements of the data privacy and protection regulations. This includes:


AI & KNOWLEDGE Engineering

BrixiaOne is committed to providing their clients with AI engineering solutions that are reliable, scalable, secure and cost-effective. BrixiaOne's AI solutions are based on and leverage the power of the Microsoft Azure AI Services, Microsoft Semantic Kernel, Microsoft 365 Copilot and the LangChain, LlamaIndex and LangGraph open source technologies.

BrixiaOne helps companies build a sound knowledge base by providing them with tools and services to collect, organize, enrich, and share their explicit and tacit knowledge across different sources and formats, enabling AI-powered applications to be delivered in a more relevant, accurate, and personalized way.

Some examples of how BrixiaOne can help using AI to enhance existing and new products and services include:

BrixiaOne also delivers AI strategic consulting services to help companies assess their current AI potential and capabilities, identify opportunities for improvement and innovation, and implement best practices and strategies for AI adoption and integration.